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Restoration Tips
On this page you can see differences between a model 3000 and a model 5000
Here is a step by step teardown inspection and assembly of a bantam differencial and transmission.
Model 3000


Briggs 3 HP model 9FB


Cast aluminum grill stamped inside "Standard Machinery Co."


Cast iron seat


Small cast iron steering wheel


Cast iron rear clamshell fenders


Cast iron steering gear is larger


Body to hood mounting width longer


Body to hood mounting is shorter


Front steering shaft is shorter


Foot pegs ends have offset washer


Rear wheel rims are 3 pieces


Throttle lever mounted on dash


Clutch has 3/4" bore


Clutch has welded in ball bearing belt idler








Model 5000


Briggs 5 HP model 14FB


Cast iron grill is not stamped inside


Stamped steel seat


Larger cast aluminum steering wheel


Full steel rear fenders


Cast iron steering gear is smaller


Body to hood mounting width narrower


Body to hood mounting is taller


Front steering shaft is taller


Foot pegs ends have centered washer


Rear wheel rims are 1 piece


Throttle lever mounted on side of hood


Clutch has 1" bore


Clutch has bronze bearing belt idler with snap ring
When I started Building the different models I found these differences between Model 3000 and 5000
Firewall is shorter on the 3000 
The firewall is approximately 2" shorter 
The width of the hood mount is longer on the 3000
Motor mounts
Lenght of the feet pegs are shorter on the 3000
Pegs are approximately 3" longer on the 5000
Peg ends are off set on the 3000
Peg ends are centered on the 5000
The steering tube is shorter on the 3000
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