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Bantam Tractor Myths


Did Bantam's come with pointer dog decals located on the fenders and under the seat?

We have seen unrestored Bantam's with original paint that did not have pointer dog decals. Also we have never seen the pointer dog decals on Bantam tractors in their advertisements.


Did Bantam put "Standard" embossed on top of the front grill?

We have seen one advertisement that showed a picture with "Standard" on the top of the grill instead of "Bantam".


Did Bantam make tractors prier to 1950?

We are of the understanding that 1950 was when the first Bantam was produced but we have had people tell us that they had them prier to 1950.


Did Falls Products make the Bantam tractor model 5000?

We have seen a picture of one Bantam 5000 with a Falls Products data tag with a serial number of "Show". The only other Falls Products Bantam tractors are made from stamped steel and in no way resemble the model 5000.


Did Bantam make 3 hp and 5 hp with a foot clutch?

We have seen two 3 hp Bantam tractors and they both had a foot operated belt tensioner clutch on the left side.


Did Bantam make 3 hp and 5 hp with no gear shift lever?

We have seen two 3 hp Bantam tractors and they both had no gear shift lever. An early Standard Bantam Tractor brochure states "Tractor may also be furnished without gear shift - with only one speed forward and no reverse".


Is the Wildcat a copy of the Bantam tractor?

Rumor is that the Wildcat was made by a former Engineer who left Bantam and made his version of the Bantam model 5000. This tractor has squared off rear fenders and a tool box under the seat.






Bantam Tractor 5000 Transmission Rebuild Parts


Part Description                   Amount          Bantam Part No.             Part Manufacture           Part No.   


Rear Axle Sleeve Bearing         2 ea.                5354                                       BRBU                     1418-08


Oil Seal- Rear Axle                  2 ea.                5361                                 Federal Mogul                254287


Oil Seal- Splined Shaft- Frt.      1 ea.                8316                                 Federal Mogul                470954


Main Drive Gear Bearing           1 ea.                8306                                   Truck Kraft          TKK-TK470954                                         

Gasket-Differential Hsg.            1 ea.                5372                                                  Handmade


Gasket- Worm Shaft Brg. Cap  1 ea.                5369                                                  Handmade


Gasket- Transm. To diff.           1 ea.                5301                                                  Handmade


Gasket- Transm. Frt. Brg. Cap. 1 ea.                5319                                                  Handmade


Gasket- Transm. Cover             1 ea.                5328                                                  Handmade






Bantam Tractor 5000 Engine Rebuild Parts


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